Five Mobile Systems

Photo by carnero

A friend of mine asked me today:

I have my own idea for a mobile and desktop app.

Would you have any recommendation on what SDKs to use? I’d like to use as few as possible and get cross platform as possible. The app is simple, it basically connects to a web service, gets data, and makes charts.

I get this kind of question a lot, so I thought I’d share what I wrote to him:

There are a couple options for app frameworks, and on one framework there are a bunch of options for UI/DOM frameworks.

First off, the cross-platform mobile frameworks I know about are JavaScript-based. I know at least one which is game-oriented and uses Lua, but it doesn’t sound like you’re doing game dev. So, you’ll need to be doing your work in JS at least, and possibly JS/HTML/CSS.

There are really two solid options I see for locally-installed apps:

Hope that helps!