Tacheles stairs, Berlin

The Spaz project has been an very important part of my life for nearly five years now. It’s been extremely rewarding personally and professionally. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. In recent months, though, the stress of running the project has become overwhelming. My ability to meet my responsibilities as a father, husband, and member of the FictiveKin team has suffered. So, I’m stepping away from Spaz, and letting others take the reins.

I’m very pleased to say that Josh Roesslein (@applepie) has agreed to take over as project lead for Spaz. He’s an excellent coder, very experienced with cross-platform JavaScript applications, and committed to open source. I’m confident that Spaz is in good hands with him.

I’m still going to have some involvement with Spaz behind the scenes, but it will be very reduced. I’ll probably code a bit here and there, and will continue to maintain existing resources as needed, but I plan on taking a “Project Lead Emeritus” role from here on out.

To all of the users, supporters, and friends who have made Spaz one of the best experiences of my life: thank you for everything.

photo by Paolo Margari