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So I gave my "Open Sourcing Mental Illness" talk for the first time last week at tek13. This was exciting, and scary, and overall went well, I think. Here are the slides and audio:

I got a bunch of just amazing feedback, all of which I do not feel worthy. I don't like to self-promote, but I sorta feel like the message here is bigger than my need for humility, and good reviews will help me bring this talk to more places. So:

An outstanding, emotive, important talk. Ed is very brave to deliver this talk with an intense but necessary level of personal details. Would have been pleased with this as a keynote, and I wish that it had been, as it would have reached more folks. link »

This is such an important topic but by its very nature, the people who truly understand it can find it hard to tell those stories. Ed gave so much of himself to tell that story today, I tweeted that he is a hero, and I meant it. link »

I'm in awe of @funkatron's complete openness about his experiences. It takes a lot to share all of this. Thanks, Ed, for sharing! #tek13 link »

@funkatron's "open sourcing mental illness" talk was worth the price of admission for #tek13 — equal parts inspiring and thought provoking. link »

@funkatron "Open sourcing mental illness" Amazing & moving. Highlight of #tek13 for me link »

Hey developer conferences, each of you should do whatever it takes to get @funkatron's "Open Sourcing Mental Illness" talk at your conf. link »

@DragonBe Great wrap-up! I would agree that talks by @funkatron and @sprunka were the most noteworthy and original at #tek13 link »

I am scheduled to give the talk at these upcoming conferences:

Thank you for all of your support.