***To Learn more about Open Sourcing Mental Illness, [click here](http://funkatron.com/osmi)***

I was proud to give my Open Sourcing Mental Illness talk at Open Source Bridge 2013. OSBridge is one of my favorite conferences, and it always has a lot of non-technical stuff going on in addition to mad hackery, so I think my talk was a pretty good fit.

I was able to record a video of the talk on my phone, which you can see above. The audio is a little quiet, but I think it worked out decently. I know that both audio and video of the talks were recorded by the conference organizers, so hopefully down the road we'll get better audio. I also may take some time to clean up and boost the volume on my own, but I wanted to get this up ASAP.

I also uploaded the slides from this talk (very similar to the last go-around).

The evening after my talk I attended a BoF session for BlueHackers, where several attendees talked about their struggles with mental illness. It was a really good experience, and I'm thinking about trying to organize something similar at upcoming conferences.

Next up are: