Our second annual fundraiser closed at midnight on Saturday the 26th of June, and once again we were blown away by the response from the tech community.


From those who wanted to get on the Wall of Awesome, right up to Like Uber for Mental Health, every donation, big or small is equally valued (except that some are more equally valued than others).

We raised the initial $10k in an astounding 64 hours and ended up creating a $15k stretch goal that was also smashed through, ending up raising a staggering $21,396 in 30 days. Last year's fundraiser was spectacular, raising around $15k over a 9 month period, so to better that by such a margin is not only superb but truly humbling.

Because of your generosity, OSMI will be able to become a legitimate not-for-profit organisation that gives us all sorts of benefits for keeping the group running in the long term. We'll also be producing dead-tree copies of our handbooks and creating a series of online videos; all because of your awesomeness.

148 people will be receiving 73 sticker packs, 25 t-shirts, and 12 hoodies. 22 people will be cementing their place on the Wall of Awesomeness, joining such immense names as Daniel Cousineau and Ben Ramsey. Packs of cool OSMI stickers will be sent out to 36 lucky recipients, to be stuck who knows where (probably on the front of a laptop)? New company logos (of various sizes) will be added to our promotional materials, just itching to drive new business to those companies that proudly support Open Sourcing Mental Illness.

Here, in all its majesty, is the final table of who-bought-what-and-stuff:

Name Number Claimed Amount Total Raised
Your name on Wall of Awesome 22 $10 $220
5-Pack of OSMI Stickers 36 $25 $933
OSMI T-Shirt & 5-pack Stickers 25 $100 $2540
OSMI Hoodie & 5-pack sticker 12 $150 $1817
1-hour live video consultation 0 $300 $0
Amaze-level supporter 1 $750 $750
Mega-level supporter 2 $1500 $3000
Ultra-level supporter 1 $3500 $3500
Like Uber for Mental Health 1 $5000 $5000

In case you can't tell, I'm building to a crescendo of joy and excitement, but before we can get there, we need to cover the fact that inevitably there will be people who have missed out. Sadly, some people, the type of individuals who live by the motto "don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow" will have missed the closing deadline, and will not be taking shipment of an amazing OSMI hoodie. Not only will those people be very disappointed, but they will also be chilly when in conference centres that are too aggressive with the air-conditioning.

We feel sorry for those people. Your only crime was one of loitering. So for these few tardy folks, we offer you another chance. If you head over to, for a limited time only, you can still make a donation and receive your perk. There is no need to thank us.

The dust is still settling, it's difficult at this moment to take stock of what has happened. All we know currently is that by this time next year, we hope that OSMI will be a fully formed and operational not-for-profit organisation. We know that Ed will have been able to continue attending events all over the place, spreading the word and genuinely helping people to change their lives. For this, we really only have one thing that we can say.

Thank you.

Gary Hockin